Thursday, May 08, 2008

Signs of Spring

Oh, who cares what happened on the rest of our vacation!

Now, it's spring in Indiana. Finally.

I celebrated my birthday.

The trees have leaves and the flowers are preparing to bloom. The crab apple trees are in full bloom--snowing tiny petals when the wind blows (or the boys shake the branches).

The track is open. Here, markes a day in history unknown to man before. I, me, the mom, took three boys, by myself to opening day at the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's true. I did it. My husband didn't believe me, but I did. They even got french fries and pretzels. We parked in the field, sat in the stands and watched teams get ready in Gasoline Alley.

Phillip got Graham Rahaul's autograph (ah...I used to love Bobby Rahaul and always wanted him in our family Indy 500 pools). We arrived at around 11 and left around 1. As we were leaving, it started to get packed. Beautiful day, great adventure.

That same day, Jeff worked from 5AM-midnight. First, he spent about five hours responding to a call where a five year old accidently shot his four year old sister in the head--and killed her. Then, he worked a special event downtown with both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. He left there around 11PM but on his way home, was called to a riot following a homicide. Finally, around midnight, he came home--only to be back at work at 5AM.

We are busy--clearly different kinds of busy, but busy. Here is how the boys have been staying busy. Their new 90-foot zip line. Still need my dad to help build a "launch tower."

And playing on their swing set. We swear they have played on it more so far this year than the lsat three years combined.