Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After a visit to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday, we learned that the injury is a torn ACL, which means total knee replacement surgery. In two weeks, he will visit the orthopedic surgeon again and surgery will be scheduled. They anticipate it will be at least four months until he is back to full duty. This will give him two new knees, the other was replaced about ten years ago after a sports injury.

The crack whore? She did get the tazer (in the breast, by the way, or the "tit" as the story goes when told by the male persuasion) and with such a serious injury, they are upping the charges on her. It doesn't pay to run...that is a basic lesson that we should all teach our children. My dad always used to tell me that. You can break the law, but it will catch up with you--today, tomorrow, or at some unknown time in the future--the law almost always wins.

Sure, you will give me some story of someone who beat the law, but I am confident that if you look at their life, some how they ended up losing. The law is bigger than the blue uniform, I am talking about the law of God or the law of the universe or the law of whatever power you might believe in--it will reign.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


IOD. Don't know what that means? Oh, just another acronym in the life of a police officer. This refers to injured on duty. And, as of today, Jeff is IOD for the second time in a year. Last year in late August, he broke his foot chasing a resister. Today, he did something not so obvious to his knee chasing a woman he had in custody but she tried to escape.

Now, he is a very athletic person and it is not like he is totally out of shape. So, how, you ask, does one guy get injured on the job twice in one year? Well, I think it is just bound to happen given the job duties. Me? Yeah, not so likely to be in a foot pursuit with a client who hasn't returned a draft of their budget for an upcoming grant. Me? Don't spend most of my days among crack heads and prostitutes. Me? Don't search out individuals who I know have warrants, stop cars that seem out of place and respond to 9-1-1 calls.

But, if I did, chances are I too would get hurt on the job. And, the trouble is Jeff likes to work. So, today even before 7AM, he was on his second arrest (some guys have one a month to put that in perspective) and she decided to try and slip away. What a way to start your morning.

Oh, wait...our morning actually started at 3:20 AM when one of his "friends" called because his wife was in jail and he wanted to know what to do. Let me give you some advice. 1) if someone is in jail, it is too late to call your cop friend. 2) if you wake your cop friend up in the middle of the night because you, your wife, your girlfriend, your buddy, etc. decided to do something stupid like drink and drive or get into a fight, your cop friend buddy is going to be very annoyed. 3) Your cop friend's wife is going to be beyond annoyed--down right pissed--and although she doesn't carry a gun, she is married to a cop, which takes a pretty tough woman. Chances are you don't want to mess with me, I mean her at 3:20 in the morning.

Here is a thought, don't do stupid stuff and you won't need to panic and call your cop friend. Did I mention this is the second such call we have gotten in the past two months? DO NOT CALL OUR HOUSE, I mean A COP'S HOUSE because you, your wife, your girlfriend, your buddy, your uncle, etc has made bad choices. Next time, if they are not a blood relative--forget it I am hanging up.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wow! Thanks for the comments (but, please people...keep them coming...certainly you have something to say). I just cannot seem to give up this idea of the continuous journey from uncertainty to confidence. So, I think i might have the makings of my first attempt at a book. I have been brainstorming about folks to interview and have several meetings already scheduled. These are individuals that I think have an interesting perspective or story to tell of even an every day journey from uncertainty to confidence.

Oddly enough, one thing I have noticed so far is that, like a comment I got on my last post, many of these people are insecure but continually muster up the strength to accomplish greatness (this includes yours truly). Again, even on the most micro level in daily living. Interesting...

Okay, on to other things. First, the nanny resigned. Oh, don't gasp yet. It was a great thing! We were preparing to fire her and I already had an ad in the paper. But, this makes for a much more amicable split, which is really what we wanted. We have just come to a roadblock on too many issues that are of great importance to us. And, I think maybe three kids is too much for her. Granted, its a lot. But, I am confident that there is someone out there who has the energy, shares our desire to teach our children to communicate, ask for what they need, solve their own problems with dialogue, eat healthy, make good choices, get lots of exercise and explore their creativity. I have never doubted her ability to "care" for the children and they adore her, but it is certainly time to part ways.

But, that means the search is on. The search is so damn painful. We may end up using this nanny placement service we used before. It is super expensive, but he is willing to offer a reduced price for repeat customers. The only problem is I am not sure there is a discount great enough to make it worth my while to work with him again. My dad will be disappointed I am not more closely following the Jewish side of my family on this one. But, this guy just makes my skin crawl. He is sooo super sales-y and slimy. He won't listen to a word I say and tries to tell me what I want, even when he is super wrong.

Case in point, last time we used him I swear he sent someone with Downs Syndrome to the interview. I told him she was very nice, but not capable. He said, "so you liked her, but you are trying to decide if she is right for your family." NO! That is not what I said! I said she is retarded and cannot drive my space shuttle with the kids in on the street (space shuttle = minivan). The ad is still in the paper, but disappointed with the turn out (of course). Keep your fingers crossed. Current nanny's last day is July 14.

Other good news, the personal trainer is starting to pay off, as is the tennis twice a week. I am feeling nice and toned! I like it and can see where this, given my addictive personality, could easily become obsessive (as my friend Stacie has warned about her tri-athletic training). Tried cardio tennis last night (in addition to my class on Tuesday and tonight). I liked it, but it is like not quite tennis and not quite cardio. Not sure if they offer a class at a time that works for me at this point.

And, guess what...? My huge email problem is creeping back in. I don't get it. THey had it totally fixed and it is slowly ramping up again. Still lots of work going on, which is good but working hard to tighten up the bookkeeping end by seeking a full service firm. Also preparing to enter a process with a group of colleagues to complete a business plan as I finish the transition from sole proprietor to corporation. Must invest in good support to continue down this path, including bringing a tech guy in to do an assessment of my network. Money in = money out. However, I have come to the stunning conclusion that my number one goal in business is to make lots of money. Sorry, its true. Number two, the passion for what I do.

Now I am rambling. Some recent pictures to share...

The Rice Krispie cake we made for Jeff's birthday. Ahh, Rice Krispies iced in melted chocolate, does life get much better? Three layers too!

The boys picking strawberries.

Andy picking berries, I am following his lead. He was so very serious about it!

Post-strawberry picking. PJ had the idea to do a lemonade stand, selling lemonade and strawberries. Drinking the profits away...but they sold out thanks to the neighbors.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Has it really been that long since my last blog post? Seems as if I have been in a blogging slump--as is every other blogger that I love. One of my favorites is officially on hiatus and a few others have had recent entries expressing their in a bad dry spell. Summer has kept me busy and while most of our activities and outings would make great blog entries, it seems as if I have been too busy to enter them. Plus, I must say I am feeling a bit discouraged about the whole process as it seems no one even reads this thing!

Last Saturday night, we went to see Kenny Rogers perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. He is a fantastic performer and a true legend in country (maybe all of) music. He has just released his 63rd album, and by the way, he is an absolutely amazing photographer. A weird dude, yes, but check out some of his photographs; you will be surprised (first stop the annoying music, then click on photographs, then by Kenny). We had great seats, just a few rows up from the sound and light boards, which are a little past halfway up the main floor. We are all sitting there waiting for him to come out, and the sound engineer's walkie talkie is turned up way too loud, so everyone in the immediate vicinity hears, "He's ready."

For some reason, that has just stuck in my head. What IS that moment like when he, or anyone decides--this is it. I am convinced that the human journey from uncertainty to confidence is an amazing one. Seems as if sometimes this journey is a lifetime, other times a split second.

I think about in childbirth, when I am so exhausted and totally convinced that baby is never coming out and all of the sudden I realize I really want this to end and the only way to make it end is to do everything I can to get that baby out--and then I do it. What a moment that is. But, the conversation I have with myself is amazing (no, not talking about hearing voices in my head...well, I guess I am, but just my own).

Same is true in something as simple as tennis. My opponent raises her racquet to serve and the internal conversation immediately starts. You can do this...take your time...follow the steps--contact is made with the ball--oh, that is not the shot I planned for...what do I do...I won't be able to return this one--You know how to do this...turn your body...pull your racquet back..follow through..and I do it.

The journey from uncertainty to confidence. Any thoughts? Any personal examples you are willing to share?