Sunday, June 25, 2006


IOD. Don't know what that means? Oh, just another acronym in the life of a police officer. This refers to injured on duty. And, as of today, Jeff is IOD for the second time in a year. Last year in late August, he broke his foot chasing a resister. Today, he did something not so obvious to his knee chasing a woman he had in custody but she tried to escape.

Now, he is a very athletic person and it is not like he is totally out of shape. So, how, you ask, does one guy get injured on the job twice in one year? Well, I think it is just bound to happen given the job duties. Me? Yeah, not so likely to be in a foot pursuit with a client who hasn't returned a draft of their budget for an upcoming grant. Me? Don't spend most of my days among crack heads and prostitutes. Me? Don't search out individuals who I know have warrants, stop cars that seem out of place and respond to 9-1-1 calls.

But, if I did, chances are I too would get hurt on the job. And, the trouble is Jeff likes to work. So, today even before 7AM, he was on his second arrest (some guys have one a month to put that in perspective) and she decided to try and slip away. What a way to start your morning.

Oh, wait...our morning actually started at 3:20 AM when one of his "friends" called because his wife was in jail and he wanted to know what to do. Let me give you some advice. 1) if someone is in jail, it is too late to call your cop friend. 2) if you wake your cop friend up in the middle of the night because you, your wife, your girlfriend, your buddy, etc. decided to do something stupid like drink and drive or get into a fight, your cop friend buddy is going to be very annoyed. 3) Your cop friend's wife is going to be beyond annoyed--down right pissed--and although she doesn't carry a gun, she is married to a cop, which takes a pretty tough woman. Chances are you don't want to mess with me, I mean her at 3:20 in the morning.

Here is a thought, don't do stupid stuff and you won't need to panic and call your cop friend. Did I mention this is the second such call we have gotten in the past two months? DO NOT CALL OUR HOUSE, I mean A COP'S HOUSE because you, your wife, your girlfriend, your buddy, your uncle, etc has made bad choices. Next time, if they are not a blood relative--forget it I am hanging up.


Anonymous said...

I hope the crack head got an ass woopin

Anne said...

So he did catch her right??? A few officers were parked in front of my house with some crack head woman tonight. They had her propped up against the Volvo handcuffed and all.