Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After a visit to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday, we learned that the injury is a torn ACL, which means total knee replacement surgery. In two weeks, he will visit the orthopedic surgeon again and surgery will be scheduled. They anticipate it will be at least four months until he is back to full duty. This will give him two new knees, the other was replaced about ten years ago after a sports injury.

The crack whore? She did get the tazer (in the breast, by the way, or the "tit" as the story goes when told by the male persuasion) and with such a serious injury, they are upping the charges on her. It doesn't pay to run...that is a basic lesson that we should all teach our children. My dad always used to tell me that. You can break the law, but it will catch up with you--today, tomorrow, or at some unknown time in the future--the law almost always wins.

Sure, you will give me some story of someone who beat the law, but I am confident that if you look at their life, some how they ended up losing. The law is bigger than the blue uniform, I am talking about the law of God or the law of the universe or the law of whatever power you might believe in--it will reign.


Chris said...

Wow, that sucks! So, what does Jeff get to do while not on "active duty"?

Kris said...

"Desk Duty" A policeman's worst nightmare. After being on light duty (desk duty) last year with a broken foot, and hating it, he is going to shoot for a better assignment this time--the range, or at the police academy. But, it will no doubt be a long haul.