Thursday, June 15, 2006

Has it really been that long since my last blog post? Seems as if I have been in a blogging slump--as is every other blogger that I love. One of my favorites is officially on hiatus and a few others have had recent entries expressing their in a bad dry spell. Summer has kept me busy and while most of our activities and outings would make great blog entries, it seems as if I have been too busy to enter them. Plus, I must say I am feeling a bit discouraged about the whole process as it seems no one even reads this thing!

Last Saturday night, we went to see Kenny Rogers perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. He is a fantastic performer and a true legend in country (maybe all of) music. He has just released his 63rd album, and by the way, he is an absolutely amazing photographer. A weird dude, yes, but check out some of his photographs; you will be surprised (first stop the annoying music, then click on photographs, then by Kenny). We had great seats, just a few rows up from the sound and light boards, which are a little past halfway up the main floor. We are all sitting there waiting for him to come out, and the sound engineer's walkie talkie is turned up way too loud, so everyone in the immediate vicinity hears, "He's ready."

For some reason, that has just stuck in my head. What IS that moment like when he, or anyone decides--this is it. I am convinced that the human journey from uncertainty to confidence is an amazing one. Seems as if sometimes this journey is a lifetime, other times a split second.

I think about in childbirth, when I am so exhausted and totally convinced that baby is never coming out and all of the sudden I realize I really want this to end and the only way to make it end is to do everything I can to get that baby out--and then I do it. What a moment that is. But, the conversation I have with myself is amazing (no, not talking about hearing voices in my head...well, I guess I am, but just my own).

Same is true in something as simple as tennis. My opponent raises her racquet to serve and the internal conversation immediately starts. You can do this...take your time...follow the steps--contact is made with the ball--oh, that is not the shot I planned for...what do I do...I won't be able to return this one--You know how to do this...turn your body...pull your racquet back..follow through..and I do it.

The journey from uncertainty to confidence. Any thoughts? Any personal examples you are willing to share?


Anonymous said...

Kris I love reading your blogs, please keep it up. As far as your question. Well I've been thinking about starting a blog myself..and when are you ready? I think you just gave me the confidence to start!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris,

This sounds silly, I've read your blog a lot, and never had the nerve to post a comment. You just gave me nerve!

Keep up the good work

Anne said...

I've been waiting for a new post! G would like to have P over soon too. I'll email you in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...


I have your blog in my Favorites - so I do read it! I'm just amazed that you are brave enough to put your deepest thoughts out there for everyone and that you have the ambition/energy to keep it up. Regarding Kenny Rogers, I would never have had such a philosophical thought about the "he's ready" comment. However, the question of uncertainty to confidence is a good one. I think many times it is just as you said in the tennis example, you just need to react to make it happen and you fake it the best you can! I have a friend who you would think is the most confident woman from the way she talks, carries herself, gives advise to others, etc. However, she has told me she has serious self-esteem problems and never thinks she is good enough, no matter what anyone tells her. Not sure this answers your question, but the best I can do this time of the day! Keep posting. LB

Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your blogs and keeping up with your life--DON'T STOP!!
XO Mary