Thursday, May 25, 2006

Love A Good Cop Story?

I shared this story with a friend at lunch today and thought it would make a wonderful blog entry. As many of you know, my husband is a police officer. A few weeks ago, his buddy responded to a call for an attempted rape in a downtown Indianapolis neighborhood. A young woman apparently got a call from this guy (on his cell phone) and said the police are outside looking at her car because it was hit while parked and the person fled the scene. She comes out of her apartment to check it out. He is standing just outside the door and he grabs her around the neck. He pushes her back inside and throws her down on the floor. Fortunately, her sister is there with her and comes out, scaring the guy off.

When the police arrive, she says she recognizes him and knows he lives in the area. She says she also knows he is on the sex offender registry website. Note to self: reason number one to study the sex offender registry for the area. Apparently, this guy who is a registered sex offender and was charged with an A-Felony rape in 1993 and received a 30-year conviction was released on parole less than a year ago.

The chase is on for the cops, searching for him to charge him with residential entry, confinement and battery. They do everything on their end to find this guy. There are warrants issued, conversations with his parole officer, extra patrols, etc. This is a big hit for a cop-they all want to catch this idiot. But, no luck.

Then, one day a few weeks ago, my husband's buddy who originally responded to the case hears on the radio that two people were killed in a car accident overnight and State Police are having a hard time locating next of kin. They give their names. It's the suspect and his girlfriend! So, he calls the State Police to fill them in and confirm its the same guy. It is confirmed.

Here is where the story gets good. They were driving (fleeing) to southern Indiana and their car crossed the median of a divided highway. They struck a tanker truck head-on. The truck driver was fine, but the other two were dead on the scene. Alcohol certainly appears to have been a factor, but upon further investigation by the police, it appears as if he was enjoying a little "road hummer" when the accident happened. No lie here--his dick was in her mouth on impact and, well...she bit it off. It's true. It isn't in the news reports, but it's true. Disgusting, sure. But, poetic justice, defined.

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