Sunday, February 26, 2006

This Is It!

Okay, I guess this is it...I am blogging. But, I sort of don't know how to begin, and like my usual self, I am sure I am over-thinking this. Do I start at the beginning? Do I explain who I am? Do I just start writing and hope you figure the rest out? I mean, my guess is everyone reading this will know me, right? Are any of you strangers? And, if it is all people who know me--what, do I send out an email announcing my new blog so people can read about me? Hmm.

I am standing in my kitchen typing on the laptop with Andrew being pushed around my feet on a flimsy riding toy by his brothers. Danger! Ah, the day in a life of a boy.

So, now watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I have thought more about my blog and have done some blog research. Some are journals accounting for activities throughout the day, others are over-simplifications of life's real complicated challenges, and others are just plain weird. When I told my mom about starting a blog, she asked me what they say, and I told her about some I read. She said, sounds like a Christmas card letter; she is right. I just cannot do that. My blog will have to include some of the bad, and even a little bit of the ugly. I will have to, at some times, risk someone realizing it is THEM that I a writing about. I will have to risk readers forming opinions of me that I wouldn't choose. Iwill have to give up the what if I sound like a...

Now that that is settled, where are we? Trapped in the house for what seems like weeks with sick kids and sick me. After a trip to the doctor last week, I am finally feeling better with the help of antibiotics. But, I am not alone. Two of the three boys (numbers one and three) are also on Amoxicillin for a total between them of four pink eyes and three infected ears. I feel like every time I put the baby in a shopping cart, he gets sick. This all started with a cold he developed shortly after a brief ride in a shopping cart at Best Buy (and, yes, I even clean their hands as soon as we get in the car). Then, the oldest, Phillip caught it with a fever for three days straight. By day four, the fever started to come and go, but lingered for three more days. He had huge coughing fits, so I finally took him to the doctor just to have her listen to his chest. All clear.

Next, me. In bed with a fever for more days than I would like to admit. Cold symptoms right on top of that. Ten days later, I was still suffering with cold symptoms, body aches, and low-grade fevers in the evenings. But life went on. So, one Sunday when the older two were with Grammy, I took the baby to Wild Oats and he rode in the cart. A mere 36 hours later, Pink Eye! The next day, Phillip woke up with Pink Eye. Thought we were all clear, but Sam woke up with it Saturday morning. Off to the doctor again tomorrow. That will equal $140 in co-pays in February (that is with decent insurance) and $40+ in antibiotics. Husband completely unscathed.

Anyway, that is a long time to spend on something so trivial. Especially considering the big blow I received recently about a friend. A mother of two (boy, 6 and girl, 4) has cancer and it isn't good. Terri is one of the funniest people I know. She has an amazing husband who is so in love with her and is such a great father. Terri and Dennis have such great respect for each other, work hard, and enjoy family. She had her youngest when she was 43 and never batted an eye. She is strong, determined, and an incredibly open person. Sometimes, if you didn't know her, you might think she was almost rude--but it is just Terri speaking her mind, asking whatever questions she has, or sharing her honest thoughts.

They found cancer in her ovaries, colon, and liver. They operated and removed about 8 inches of her colon and an ovary. But, the liver, there is nothing they can do. It is stage IV cancer. Once she recovers from the surgery, they will start chemo and if she responds, which they said it is about a 50 percent chance she will, it could add years. Otherwise, it will be months.

I need to call her. I have talked with her husband, but am having trouble calling her. I mean, what do you say? I need to just say that--I don't know what to say, but wanted to call. I will do it. Actually, I am hoping she will be home tomorrow and I can call her there. I always feel so weird calling people in the hospital, unsure of what is going on, if they are feeling like talking. Okay, and I hate hospitals. A silly reason to avoid it, but I really hate them. I have come a long way on this one, but it is deeply woven into my biggest phobia of all--vomit. There are people who vomit in hospitals. Should I be giving away all of my dark phobias so early in my blog?!

Anyway, I will call her tomorrow. Plus, I will look back on this entry and see how I like my blog and work on the next entry. Photos are a must, yes, indeed. Tomorrow. That will be the goal, tomorrow.

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