Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bikini Season in the Near Future

Dinner last night: Domino's Pizza
Dinner tonight: Popcorn (Jeff is at the Pacer's game)

Bikini season is fast approaching. While I am not feeling a need to loose a huge amount of weight, I am in need of some serious toning. I play tennis once a week, but that really isn't enough to reign in the thighs on this girl. So, back to the gym. Well...sort of gym.

My favorite is Curves. Yes Curves. Here is why.

1) I am often the youngest person in there and I as continue to age (and come to the realization that people in their twenties are no longer "my age") this a good thing.

2) I move faster than most people in there, which makes me feel extra fit (even if I am not).

3) There is no childcare available. They were on to me when I would go to the YMCA, and always wanted to go-an extra twenty minutes loading in and out of the car, ten minutes signing in and out of childcare, and ten more minutes explaining in the lobby why we were not going swimming.

4) It is quick, easy (or as hard as you want it to be), and still feels like a workout. Oh yes, I will be sore tomorrow.

5) Everyone is really nice (well, almost everyone). The exercise area is set up in a circle and you rotate stations every thirty seconds. Throughout the whole workout, everyone chats and it certainly makes the time go by quick for people like me who are incredibly board with exercise.

6) Did I mention no childcare? This is just for me--alone. So, if you read and subscribe to Dr. Lair's "The Proper Care and Feeding of a Husband" this place probably isn't for you. And, my therapist keeps telling me Dr. Laura isn't for me...But it is so weird, I just have to listen and always end up feeling a bit inadequate as a mother, wife, sister, daughter by the end-really, I swear she hates women).

7) They all talk about how "skinny" I am and how they cannot believe I have three kids. Well, this is nice, but really it is just because they are all old, can't see, and are often incredibly out of shape.

8) I am in and out in under 30 minutes, including my commute. They sell this as a 20-some minute workout, and it is. No conforming to a schedule, fighting for a good spot and having to watch some buff bitch smoke me in crunches.

9) No mirrors. Yes, no mirrors. I can't see me! And, chances are most of the people in there can't see me either. No need to wear cute workout clothes or even shave my legs. Anything goes.

10) No childcare. Goodbye--I am leaving and you are NOT coming under any circumstances, no matter how many times you ask, how much you whine, or how guilty I feel that I worked too much yesterday. Ahhh...

I joined February 28, 2005 (baby #3 about 4 months old at the time). I went back in today for the first time in a while and got measured and weighted. They ran a report and here are the results. Since joining, I have lost 30.5 inches on my body (bust, arms, hips, abdomen, thighs) and 24 pounds. My percent body fat (which they measure with a device that I just cannot believe is accurate) was 33.5% and is now 21%, and probably still dropping since I just quit nursing two months ago. My BMI went from 24.5 to 20.7 today.

Keep in mind, it was not the primary source of my weight loss over the past year. But, I enjoy it and feel it--it is quick, fast-paced, and cheap ($29/month)! Oh, and no childcare.

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