Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Walk in the Woods

A beautiful fall weekend in Indiana. The leaves are in full display of their fall colors. I love the orange, red and bursts of yellow. It seems to start so slowly, then all of the sudden, they are almost gone. Right on time, though. I always remember Halloween night when I was a girl, walking across the yards in my neighborhood, kicking leaves even in my costumes.

We couldn't resist this weekend, despite the fact that is was a little colder than usual, we headed off for a hike. Samuel was with his Grammy, out to lunch in celebration of his upcoming Halloween birthday. So it was just the four of us.

We went to one of our favorites, nearby Fort Ben State Park. The forest was beautiful and we kicked the leaves all along the trail.

Phillip took his explorer pack that included a jar in case he found any interest bugs so he could collect them and show them to his friend Graham. While the bugs were not out, we still had a wonderful hike. Thanks for a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

the 3rd picture down is a total professional shot--might be worth a frame! Mary