Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Family Trait

For some reason, potty humor runs in my genes. I cannot help it. I knew it was true love when my future husband to be could beat my uncle in a farting contest. "Welcome to the family, Honey!" And, let's face it...I live in a house with three boys. Potty humor better be on the top of the list.

It cracks me up when I hear people say things to their kids like, "Our bodily functions are not funny." Are you kidding me?!? The trick is just to teach them timing. Good timing is everything in effective humor, anyway. Farts are not funny in church, for example and the diarrhea song is not school-time material.

The other night we were all in the van on the way home from Christmas at the Zoo and Jeff started teasing the voice command feature. You are supposed to be able to push a button and tell the car things like "radio on" or "heat on" or ask it questions like "temperature in degrees" and it should tell you the outside temperature. Ideally, it should also work with the navigation system and you can say, "find home" and it will navigate you home.

But, here is the catch. It doesn't respond well when there is background noise. Even the noise of the air conditioner can totally throw it off, so how about a van full of three little kids. Honda sort of got it wrong on this one. If you are driving a van...hello, it is probably full of kids...and chances are it isn't quite in there.

So, we just use it for fun. Like this...

An adult (let's just leave it at that): I have diarrhea.
The car: Heat on maximum.

An adult: Who farted?
The car: DVD on, Chapter 5.

An adult: I think I pooped my pants!
The car: Heat on 80 degrees.

An adult: I have really bad gas!
The car: Radio on.

It went on and on. I know, I know. Is this really raising great men? No. But, we laugh and laugh and laugh and those laughs do help raise great men.

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