Saturday, January 27, 2007

A New Heart in our Home

For months now, I have been wanting a new kitchen table. After we remodeled the kitchen this last time, it became entirely too linear for me (which is odd, because I normally do not like round shapes). Our old kitchen table was a hand-me-down, a very nice one but a hand-me-down none the less. It was a rectangular French farm table constructed of pine and had previously belonged to my dad. I loved it and it did its job well.

It is the table where we signed the offer for our first house. It is the table were Jeff and I would do our homework while still in college, taking turns finishing our degrees. It is the table we played cards when I was in labor. It is the table that held the bathtub while we bathed our first baby. It is the table that we ate most of our meals at to mark special occasions along the way.

It was warm, sturdy and forgiving of dents, scratches and paint jobs from the kids. It held spilt milk well, resisted poundings of forks and spoons by the littlest ones and was always great for sorting candy after Halloween. We loved it, but dammit it was time for a new one.

This time, it was going to be round. When I looked at the kitchen and where it was placed in the house, I noticed that we needed a heart. We needed a warm spot that invited people to get closer and share (and maybe would encourage good table manners?). I wanted a round table. The quest began and I finally found one.

Then, the chairs. Must have new chairs. Found chairs too. But, of course, it takes forever to get furniture. Our wait was finally over yesterday. They delivered our new table and chairs (yet to come, our other new furniture for our addition). I am in heaven! As soon as it arrived, I knew it was exactly what I wanted it to be--the new heart of our home.

I quickly unpacked my boxes of new dishes from Crate and Barrel, pulled out the new placemats (which we have never used, this is a new thing too) and just fell in love! The new dishes and glasses--much deserved. Our dishes were my parents when they were married. Purchased around 1985, originally a set of 12. We were down to 7 of one size plate and 6 of another. They also served us well, but now we have our OWN! Glasses? Purchased at Target when we were married and came from a box. That is ten years ago, people! It was time.

Here it is, the new heart of our home.

We had our first meal there last night. Salmon with Shitake Mushrooms, roasted squash and potatoes and a salad (well, at least that is what the adults ate). The boys used real plates and glasses (did you hear that? glasses for dinner). Everyone did great, dinner was so relaxing and cozy. I look forward to creating new memories with this table too. Who knew that the old table could hold so many memories and the new table could hold so much hope.


Anonymous said...

The title scared me because I thought maybe you were pregnant! I like your romantic and sentimental take on the kitchen table. Of course, I'm dying to get our new one now. Can't wait to see yours in person - looks great!

Anonymous said...

Where are you Kristen? I'm dying for a blog entry!

Amanda Sue said...

pretty!!! i wanna new table too!

our old one is a hand-me-down and we have WAY outgrown it.

can we have your old one? :)

Anonymous said...

free house wanted ad

Anonymous said...

Kris, where have you gone?

Anonymous said...

lets send out the seaarch dogs for Kris

Anonymous said...

You are WAYYYYY overdue for a blog entry. We need to know what is happening in your life... it's always interesting!