Friday, June 01, 2007

Crazy Days of Summer

Already, I am feeling like summer is going to slip by. It is just the first day of June and things are already moving at warp speed. Why can't time pass this fast in February?!? I know I have once again been bad about updating, but I have a long list of entries to make.

Thanks for the comments on the last entry (by the way, I didn't intentionally have comments turned off, it was a Blogger mystery and Jeff eventually fixed it). I know he is only protecting his family and I do appreciate that, I just hate what guns do in the hands of the wrong people. I fear them, and they should be feared. But, I understand his perspective.

Yesterday we drove to Ikea in Bolingbrook, IL. We got tons of crap and now have days of assembly ahead of us. A very busy weekend, so no time to chat now. However, updated photo stream!

More later...what are your plans for summer...?

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I'm impressed that you are able to get your camera out in time to capture all these moments. I think Phillip really resembles you, Sam is Jeff and Andy is...both? The front entry of the house looks very nice - really changes it.