Friday, August 24, 2007

We Never Do It

First grade is off to a good start. Of course, it is early in the game, but so far he really likes his new school and has lots to talk about when he gets home. Uniform still looking darn adorable. They seem to be easing in to real work. Yesterday he said they did a worksheet where they wrote down stuff about their families but he didn't know how to spell any of the words and the other kids did. I reminded him that it will take time to catch up. We are confident he will, but if not, we will reassess.

Lunch is included in the lofty tuition. So, there is no packing lunch for my picky eater. He chose his own food for the past two days and yesterday they had pasta, but it had sauce on it. Needless to say, he was pretty hungry when he got home. When I used to pack his lunch, I would tuck a little handi-wipe in there so he could clean his hands before he ate. But, most of the time, his school included hand-washing in their lunchtime routine.

In case you are new, I am a total germ-a-phobe. Although I like to think I just practice good hygiene and illness-prevention, it is clearly beyond that. If you have three kids, you know how worth it it is. "How do you guys wash your hands before lunch?" I asked. He looked perplexed, wondering how he was going to answer this one.

"Oh, we really don't. We never really do it." What?!?! They don't wash their hands? These are first graders here--they still need guidance on such important things, just like they do about their zippers or crazy hair. I am finding it hard to believe that they have the kids wear these uptight (although totally adorable) uniforms yet let them get away with never washing their hands.

"Well, you do wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, right?" I didn't like the answer. It was a yes, but a less than confident yes. "Well, how can you get your hands clean before you eat?" I sent bottles of hand sanitizer to the classroom (actually on accident, they were intended for his backpack), where are those? They had yet to make an appearance. "I will have to tuck a bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket so you can use it throughout the day."

Then, I thought about the implication that may have for my new guy in a new school. Oh, you know, the dork that carries the hand sanitizer. Just not sure that is the proper solution either. I am trying to work through this. He will bring germs home-period. But, come on people, a little common decency hygiene please.

The school made a big deal to us how his teacher's husband is an oncologist. They told us like six times. Well, that is great and I am sure he is super smart, as is she, but she served a six-pack of Oreos to each child for snack on the first day and doesn't enforce hand-washing? Wife of an oncologist or not, she is making some pretty unhealthy choices. Okay, okay, I know--in the grand scheme of things, she appears to be a great teacher and the cookies could be just a first day of school treat (he said they didn't have snack yesterday because they were running behind).

So, what do I do? Deal with and find a way to manage my germ-a-phobia (oh, and by the way, you may quickly say something like, you can get over it, but it isn't as easy as that or I would be over it by now. That is the thing about phobias, they make no sense and you fully know it, but you cannot do anything about it. Haven't you ever seen grown adults with real phobias of something like circus clowns?), say something or inquire with the teacher about hand washing habits at the school or send hand sanitizer in his pocket? Any ideas here people (and I know more than the two who comment read this thing)?


Anonymous said...

I would say if you are concerned about the snack and hand-washing you should definitely have a chat with the teacher. You don't want her to think you are second-guessing her, but she should certainly appreciate your concern for your child's health. Oreos are a ridiculous snack, even if it was the first day she should still set a good, healthy example. Especially, given her husband's profession! Ditto for hand washing. Yes, she may be a good teacher, but she needs to have some common sense too.

Anne said...

oreo's! and 6 of them?? shaking my head. First grade doesn't get a snack at SM. And, you know *I* didn't ask about hand washing. Don't hate me or kick me off the blog, but let it bother you but save talking with the teacher for the things you are going to care about the most!
Graham didn't want to go to school yesterday because a classmate told him his art was bad and ugly. :( Not wanting to go to school is a problem. I stopped by to chat.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

You didn't mention he ate fish sticks, yes I said fish sticks, he told me he dipped them in ketchup and they tasted just like chicken sticks. Germs build strong bodies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am with Jeff on this one. How many times did we all go out and eat dirt?

Just add water and it all taste like chicken.

Brother Jon

Anonymous said...