Saturday, September 08, 2007

That was Then, This is Now

I love to look back and see how the kids have changed. It seems so amazing to me that in just one year, they can go from looking like a baby or a toddler to a boy. No doubt, soon I will see the transformation headed toward manhood. (By the way, mothers of boys out there, just finished an interesting book called Boys Adrift. Worth a read.)

They love it when I tell them this, but it is true. At night, when they are all quitely sleeping and I sneak in to watch them for a moment and kiss them, I still see their baby faces. It brings back memories of rolling over to nurse these tiny babies who would cuddle in tight or peering over the crib while they lay arms over head, mouth open and tiny baby breaths pulsing out of their lungs. Mmmmm. I love that. I know, no more, no more. But, please never let me forget.
(Blogger is being difficult with photos and please ignore the poor formatting).

Phillip's first day of Kindergarten last year....

Phillip's first day of first grade this year...

Samuel's first day of Preschool last year (yes, those are mittens. If you have to ask, you just don't know Sam).

Samuel's first day this year. The biggest difference (not including the mittens, although they still often make appearances) is look where the backback is hitting him. He spent the year growing for sure.

Andrew's first day of school last year, which never really materialized into school (Mother's Day Out) because he would never stay without hysterically crying.

Andrew's first day of school this year. While it stays, it is only with Samuel by his side so far. This week, we start trying to work on staying by himself.

Pictures of Phillip's FIRST LOST TOOTH on the Web Album.


Anne said...

I soooo miss Divine Savior. sniff, sniff. You don't get teachers so willing to help your kids adjust etc anywhere else.

Anne said...

Oh and Congrats on that tooth P. Hope the tooth fairy was good to you!