Sunday, October 14, 2007

The State of Womenhood in America

These are actually sort of heartbreaking. You have probably seen them before. Really, I wish I watched them when I was like 12...and I should probably watch them once a day even now to remember what is real and what is, well...not.

To the women I love (okay, all you creepy freaks googling things like women who love women, I mean women I love as friends), I love you because you are you! The you, you--not the you you might want to be on the outside.

As for me, I will just keep obsessing about how fat I am.


Anonymous said...

I love these videos. I think girls have rough compared to boys. Although boys have their own issues. The video showing how they transform someone for a billboard makes you realize, if you did not know already, that those images in magazines are photoshopped like crazy. Remember when Jamie Lee Curtis did some sort of photo shoot without any make-up or something? I don't remember which magazine. Anyway, stop obsessing! You are way too busy doing other fun things.

Amanda Sue said...

um, is that your scrawny picture in the post below, dear?

PUH-LEEZE stop obsessing about how "fat" you are. k?