Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Email Pet Peeves

Whether in email or a text message, for some reason every time I read HAHAHA, I think people are being smart, like saying, "haha very funny you asshole." LOL does not offend me, I get that but the HAHAHA I don't get.

I don't mind :), :0, : or :> but it does drive me crazy when people write Smiles!

I hate it when people write emails or texts in all caps. My husband's texts come across in all texts and it bothers me. At first, I thought he intentionally does that and I kept thinking, what is the point--is he trying to yell (as they always say all caps are in email)? Then I realized he doesn't have a Blackberry and his phone must just do it.

Ah, his phone. He had to have this damn Razor. He got it. He hates it. It really does suck. I swear it is possessed. It goes into roaming when he is standing in our kitchen or screams he has voicemail like six hours after I call (even mine does that sometimes). It freezes and he has to totally take the battery out just to get it to work again. He took it to Sprint to complain. They fidgeted, tested, massaged. The verdict--nothing wrong with it.

Anyway, where was I going with this random post about email. I also hate it when people have like size 24 font in their emails or the letters are in colors or wonky fonts. I hate business emails without signature lines and I hate personal (and business) emails with 16 line mantras after the signature line, things like, "laugh because laughing is the best medicine for making the world a brighter better place." Vomit.

I hate it when people forward with the full message buried 14 emails in. I hate it when people reply without the original message attached (I have talked about that one before). I hate it when people don't reply when they receive something from me via email--like a simple, "Thanks" or "Got it" would do just fine.

I also hate it when email from people that I have approved, verified, welcomed and corresponded with a million times ends up in my spam folder. My spam folder is only delivered once a day, so if an important message is in there, I don't know it until the next morning. But, I do like my spam filter. I haven't had a penis enlargement email in my inbox ever since my web guy hooked me up.

Finally, I hate it when you are on a mass distribution list and some idiot hits reply to all with their response. Wow, full of a lot of hate about email today. Back to cleaning out my inbox. What are your email pet peeves?


Anonymous said...

When I get a reply back, and the person starts talking about something out in left field, and never answers the question I asked them about in the first place

JEFF said...

I like to reply back to the guy who sent the reply to ALL and let him know just how great he is, and how his e-mail really touched me and I'm sure it touched the person it was supposed to be sent to !).

Amanda Sue said...

ALL of the above, sister.

HAHA! *smiles*

Anonymous said...

we are so much alike - which might explain why we were best friends.

oh, an add:
i hate when people drive with dirty windshields - just give it a quick squirt and wipe, so easy! - mary