Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Car for Sale

Anyone interested in buying a car? This beautiful and fun 2000 sleek black Beetle will wow your friends and family with its 1.8L Turbo engine, sweet leather interior, 6-disc CD player and huge sun roof. The car is in great shape, to prove it...take a look at the service we have had done!

1) 4 brand new engine mounts and brackets installed. Yes, that is right. An engine mount snapped and the whole transmission fell out on day 2. No worries, they replaced all the parts that fell out on the street and all the engine mount brackets.

2) Two working windows. No bother that the driver side window didn't work--it does now!

3) All new vacuum hoses. Well, apparently when that mount broke, a few hoses got torn as the transmission dropped about 6 inches and shifted to the right. But hey, new hoses are a good thing!

3) A new oxygen sensor. That pesky oxygen sensor, causing all of those "check engine lights."

4) A new trunk latch. No trouble for the new owner of this car getting the trunk opened and closed, it has a brand new latch!

5) New keyless entry fob. Everyone loves a key fob, right?

6) New oil pan and gasket. It was a small leak, but its fixed.

7) Turbo in great working order. It has a brand new turbo by-pass valve, and a vacuum line to the turbo by-pass valve.

8) Miscellaneous other repairs that we are confident were done without our knowledge to protect us from knowing "too much."

Here is your chance to join in with thousands of other dissatisfied Beetle owners. The car has just 49,000 miles on it. We have put a mere 3,500 on it since we bought it six months ago--and hey, 300 of those were driving it back and forth to the dealer for repairs. You will love this disaster, I mean roadster of a car. Come on, take a chance and make an offer! Glorious days will await you sitting in the waiting area at Duke Gold's Speedway Volkswagen.


Geoffry said...

I have a beetle and it is a piece of CRAP, Duke Gold needs to do the right thing and refund your money. Like he's gonna take a hit. 2000 Beetles suck. Good Luck G.

Amber said...

Somehow I don't think a Beetle will fit two car seats, a husband and all the other junk that comes with it. Otherwise, I'd definitely be interested!
Fun site; nice to see another Type A soul out there!