Sunday, March 12, 2006

One, Two, Three--Are You Sure These All Came From Me?

Dinner last night: Turkey tacos! A fun, easy family dinner.
Dinner tonight: Popcorn for Desperate Housewives!

This will come as no surprise to most of you with children. Yes, it is another entry about children. Dad, I know you want me to stop writing about food and kids and get to some real issues...sorry. (Actually, there are lots of real issues I could write about, but I think its more than you really want to know about me.

I often wonder...can these kids really all be from me? All so different, from the moment they were conceived until today--and including what I think their futures may hold. Let's take a look at the evolution of numbers 1,2, and 3. Oh yeah, its going to be another long one.

1: devastated after it didn't happen the first try, second try was executed with great precision and determination. Yielded a pregnancy.

2: Thought about it, was prepared to try several months, happened almost right away.

3: Just stopped nursing number 2 and ooops. I am pregnant?!?

1: So relaxed, little stress, taking in every moment, reading literally dozens of books on childbirth, parenting, development, and more. Took classes at the hospital, plus the Bradley Method classes. Read some more. Did yoga, pelvic tilts every day in the last six weeks, stretched, walked at least five times a week, and even pereneal massage (if you don't know what that is, you probably don't want to ask). I took pictures of my belly every month to document the wonderful journey. No real sickness, felt great the whole time but occasionally bothered by some smells.

2: More stressed. Working, taking care of number one, and big changes in Jeff's career (as he entered the police academy). Still did occasional yoga, walked fairly regularly with number one in the stroller, did pelvic tilts more like the last four weeks of pregnancy, took maybe six pictures of my belly. Developed acid reflux when I ate peppers, tomatoes or anything with tomato sauce, sausage, etc. Tums, this is Kris. Kris, this is Tums. Lots of belly kicks, sitting on nerves, stepping on bladder, etc.

3: I spent the first three weeks in denial. The next six weeks downing Unisom and B12 to prevent morning sickness. I rarely walked because it meant most of the time pushing or pulling 50+ pounds of number 1 and 2. I still had reflux and had increased problems with varicose veins in my legs (nothing serious, but I would have to put them up at night). Did a few pelvic tilts, no yoga.

OB/GYN Visits
1: Lots of questions, couldn't wait for my office visits, loved my 16 week ultrasound.

2: I remember just fine, thank you very much! No ultrasound.

3: Yes, it's me again. Ultrasound a must because I am thinking I have been so blessed to have two healthy kids, I need to know everything is okay because I am really pressing my luck to have three healthy kids.

Preparing for Labor and Delivery
1: Suitcase packed, filled with tricks for labor (birth ball, honey straws, music, tennis balls, etc.), labor guide for labor assistant (my mom--Jeff is main guy), birth plan. Progression on schedule, things right on track.

2: Nothing happening. Due date fast approaching, get my membranes stripped (again, if you don't know what this means, you might not want to ask). Suitcase still packed, same now "lucky" labor aides, birth plan, labor guide for labor assistants, and plans made for the care of number 1 during the big event.

3: Breech. Then, not breech. Breech again. I did the elephant walk every day, pelvic tilts, got down on all fours and let my belly hang, got in the pool, inverted myself on an ironing board, bounced on the birth ball, and more-all under doctor's instruction. Still breech. Went in for a version (turning the baby using exterior manipulations--very, very painful), unsuccessful. Agreed to a schedule c-section one week before my due date. Arranged for help with 1 and 2 during my extended stay in the hospital and during recovery. Cooked extra meals for freezing.

Labor and Delivery
1: Labored overnight at home. Arrived at the hospital early morning and was 6 centimeters, 75% effaced. Dr. broke my water at about 8AM when I was 8 centimeters. Fully dilated by 10AM, ready to push. Pushed for 3 hours. Dr. told me baby was bald, but when he came out, we realized he was sunny-side up. He actually had lots of blonde hair but presented with his forehead instead of his crown. On due date. All natural, 2nd degree tear.

2: Labor started at Toys R' Us. Jeff went to work, I got number 1 to bed and at about 10PM, I called and told him I needed to go to the hospital. Arrived 8 centimeters dilated, 90% effaced. I got into a room, they broke my water, quickly progressed to ten, pushed for two hours, Dr. Realized this baby was also sunny-side up and used the vacuum to help me through the last part and save me another hour of pushing. Two days past due date. Mostly natural (many would say the vacuum doesn't classify as natural), 1st degree tear.

3: Labored, apparently, at Target one week from the date of my scheduled c-section. Got home, contractions got much stronger, put 1 and 2 to bed (sweating with contracts now-but really, they were not regular). Lost my mucus plug. Called Jeff. He came home and ATE, yes, ate. The contractions were now very strong, a bloody show (too much info, right?), and we raced to the hospital (police lights on in intersections!). I arrived at 10 centimeters and 100% effaced. Debated the use of morphine with the anesthesiologists, debated the position of the baby with the nurses, Dr. Arrived to tell them they are all nuts, and rushed me to OR for emergency c-section.

1: Left the hospital at 24 hours, felt like myself after just about a week.

2: Left the hospital after 24 hours, felt like myself after about two weeks (due to lack of sleep and caring for number 1 during the day).

3: Why would anyone choose this?!?

1: Full head of blonde hair, the Trump brow, looks just like my dad and nephew.

2: Full head of dark hair. Looks just like my husband.

3: Full head of black hair. No idea who he looks like (and he was interesting looking because he was c-section, no features were squished).

1: Quite, slept through the night since day two. Very happy.

2: Colic, up every two hours to eat, difficult to settle.

3: Up ever two to three hours to eat, easy to settle, happy.

1: Walked at 9 1/2 months. Cautious, but had a strong natural curiosity. Talked early. Ate anything I put in front of him (any Super BabyFood concoction). Good sleeper. Never touched an outlet, went for poisons, or thought about climbing out of his bed. Say "no" twice and he never went back. Sometimes shy in groups. Loved quite activities, played with his cars for hours at 18 months. Happily would go with the flow...What's next mom and dad? Still ooks like a Trump.

2: Walked at 8 1/2 months. Talked very early. Feared nothing. Wanted everything. Challenging sleeper (light and restless sleeper). Difficult to redirect. Was fascinated with outlets, sought out poisons, was out of the crib by 18 months (because we couldn't keep him in it). Used duct tape to keep his diapers on (much preferred to be naked, which can be a problem when not potty trained). Looked for groups to entertain...where's the party?! Couldn't sit through a book (even a board book) until he was well past 2 and never, never stopped moving his body. Sought out the flow and went the other way. Spitting image of his dad.

3: Walked at 9 months. Isn't talking too much. Fears some things, but if his brothers do it, it must be okay. Great sleeper, but doesn't like to miss the action. Has a few outlets he fancies, and a few poisons he is always after (mmmm...Windex anyone?). Enjoys nudity, but in appropriate daily doses, loves reading books, and playing age-appropriate games (on, off, on, off or opened, closed, opened, closed). Happily goes with the flow, unless he really had his heart set on something else--in which case, forget it. Eats anything put in front of him, but if he sees something else that looks more interesting, he won't stop until he gets it. Looks just like me, or just like his dad, depends on who you ask.

They all look the same, but also look so different. Yep, they are brothers, but there is no getting these guys mixed up. And the future? The rest remains to be seen. Although, even at this stage in the game, number 1 and 2 remain opposites. Three continues to appear to be a hybrid of 1 and 2, which I suppose I am now fully trained to successfully deal with (well, mostly successful, except when I choose to blow it and loose my patience). I am sure it is the same in most families. But, how? How can it be boys as different as 1, 2 and three all came from me?