Friday, March 24, 2006

Feng Shui

So, you may be wondering about the entry below with the pictures...Feng Shui. Well, here is the short version. My dad and his wife have decided to move to Indiana. They sold their house in Miami in just six days. He came to Indiana this week to find a house and found one. She stayed back in Miami, as she was busy with work. She is an incredible artist, who is fortunate enough to make her living as an artist. My dad, in his infinite wisdom and abililty to pick out winners, found a house and purchased it in less than 24 hours of arriving in Indiana.

He is very excited about this and invites me over to see the house. But, he cautions me not to act "too excited" and give away the deal he just closed. The house is adorable. Very charming, warm and obviously well-cared for. With just one owner, it is immaculate. And, it is in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in town. The house has a warm spirit and was no doubt a house of love. It has a beautiful back yard where I can see my kids running in the summers with Grandpa Keith and Oma.

He returns to Miami and tells his wife of his purchase. This beautiful creature, who I deeply admire, is a unique combination of a tall and thin Dutch woman who has converted to Judaism and is a strong believer and interpreter of Feng Shui. What a combo, right? But, what a woman (and I am not just saying that because she may be reading!). Well, turns out they had seen this house once before when it was on the market for a short time around Thanksgiving. She remembers it (perhaps a little wrong) and is deeply concerned about its fundamental Feng Shui. A hill in the backyard--bad news. An "L" shape--bad news. All Feng Shui can be counteracted, but this issue has divided the happy Hoosier-bound couple.

I sent the pictures below to try and reassure her of the house's great appeal and warm feel. But, I don't think it helped.

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