Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Every morning, I enjoy my first cup of coffee while scanning my bookmark blogs for updates. But, I need some more. I only have a few good ones, and like me, the bloggers are busy and don't update every day. Some mornings, I can be done with my blog routine in less than a minute flat. This is good in the sense that it quickly moves me to my real work, but bad because it quickly moves me to my real work.

I love, love my friend Anne's blog, Everyday Family. I check this one every day for sure. Anne is a mother of two young children (our boys go to school together) and an amazing photographer. Plus, they own their own small business so she is familiar with juggling work, home, kids, etc. She posts pictures of their family life and often interesting thoughts and experiences. Her photos often take me to far off places...a great way to start the day! By the way, she is also a professional photographer, check out her amazing work at www.fotowonder.com.

I also visit Very Mom every day. I have never met her, but this is on my top three for sure. She is hilarious in addition to being open, honest and sometimes down right crude. I discovered this one from another friend's blog (see...if I could every figure out how to add links to my blog, people would probably use them). She has three small children, her own business and apparently lives in the middle of nowhere--somewhere close to Utah. She apparently has a huge following. Sometimes, she will have over 150 comments on a single post. I don't think I have had more than four during my entire bloglife.

I check in on the life of my brother and sister-in-law + kids by visiting her blog each morning. My brother and I exist in very different worlds and both have busy families, so this is a nice way to stay connected; even if it is often the extent of our communication. She just had a baby (which makes three) so I also keep up on his development through the blog.

I love to check out Mother Anarchy. Again, I have never met her and I am not even sure how I discovered this one, but she is way off the chart for me. So, of course I enjoy reading her blog and snooping around her website. I check in every once in a while with Mad Suburban Dad. Someone told me this was really funny, but I am not convinced (yet, I still visit). I also check in with the Crazy Bloggin' Canuck. She visited my blog once and left a comment. She is/was a writer, has a little girl and is pregnant with her second. I enjoy following her adventures with parenting and marriage.

Finally, oh my dear Emily. Every day I check in to see if some magic has occurred overnight, if tiny elves have broken in her house (hey, maybe that is why your hardrive crashed--maybe they were working away while you were on vacation) and updated her poor neglected blog. Yeah, yeah, she has been busy. But, I need to know how you rearranged your furniture, your latest crafty kids projects, and who has the croup. I suppose I could just call and find out this things, but really it is so much more fun to read them in my pajamas at 5:30AM while enjoying my first cup of coffee. Soon...soon it will again be Halloween and she can just change the date and forge ahead in 2006. Emily, don't try and go back--just move forward!

So, that is my daily blog list. See? It isn't too long, so if even just one or two don't update (and I know of at least one that won't be updated..uhhummm), it could take just a matter of minutes or less. Where is the joy, the revelation, the inspiration? Help me. Do you have blogs on your daily list that you would recommend? Please share them with me so I can check them out as I look to expand my daily routine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kris :) This is Meg - I read your blog so I know what you mean - I also read blogs of some people training for triathlons to keep me inspired. http://www.notry.blogspot.com/ and http://trirunning.blogspot.com/ and
http://trisaratopsimadventure.blogspot.com/ are my favorites so far - I just started this blog reading thing. I wnat to find someone in IN. This is a friend of my boyfriend and he is headed off to a year in India teaching so I plan to read his often too http://www.amarkumar.net/ and then of course my funny friend former co-worker Colin http://onlikepopcorn.blogspot.com/ - is that too many? :)

Emily said...

I'm so honored that I made your blog list!! I think that I will post a naked picture as my "rebirth" blog entry just so that you can blame me for spitting coffee all over your keyboard :-)

Jamie said...

Hi Kris! It's Jamie (met you at Emily's a couple of weeks ago...curly hair, heart fluttered when you told me you wrote grants...:-D)...just discovered your blog through Emily's blogroll this morning. I'm a Team Emily member also...I think we're gonna have to organize some kind of intervention...the way she treats her blog, it's just not right.
I'll be back to visit you here in blogland...I look forward to seeing the completed remodel, it looks beautiful so far!