Friday, April 07, 2006

Memories of Spring

I have many fond memories of spring when I was growing up. My birthday is May 2, so by now I was always well into planning for my parties. Kelly shepherd's birthday was May 4 and she was way more popular that I was. So, I always had to check with her to ensure we didn't schedule for the same day. I never kidded myself, I knew whose party people would choose.

In my adolescence, spring also meant yard-boy season. Yes...yard-boys. The house I grew up in sat on about an acre of land. We had extensive landscaping, walking paths, a pool and hot tub. This spelled lots of spring prep work (my dad always promised the pool to be open by my birthday). And, because my parents were always working, it called for a seasonal yard-boy. Many came and went, but my favorite was two summers when Cory Geltz took the job.

I was indeed a late bloomer. Lots of my friends wore bras, liked boys, and discussed the impending arrival of their periods. Not me. I remember being in 7th grade and a boy trying to snap my bra strap, only to discover I didn't have one on--which was even more humiliating than having the strapped snap. But, that spring my boobs were just budding, and my hormones starting to race. Then, along came Cory and all of the sudden I knew I was on the path to becoming a woman.

Cory was my brother's best friend's older brother. He went to Indiana University and was in Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He never wore his shirt and always had a nice tan that highlighted his six pack and the well-defined muscles on his back. He arrived at work in his black Trans Am. It had an awesome gold eagle on the hood with the t-tops always out. He had a big smile with very white teeth and sandy blonde curly hair. After a few hours of work, he would start to sweat and I would stand by waiting for my call to duty. I knew it was only a matter of time before Cory would request sugar water.

He let me make his secret drink every day in his old Gatorade jug. Just a scoop of white sugar and water was all I had to do. He knew I was crazy about him and treated me like a little sister. I loved it and I was certain one day he would return to pick me up for a date. He was gorgeous. but, he was soon replaced a few summers with my brother's dumb friends, or eventually my friends. But, I will always remember drooling out the window watching Cory sweat.

Now, I look out the window and see all the work that awaits me in my own yard. Mulch, remodeling, patched sidewalks and patios, new flowers, trimmed trees and more. It is overwhelming. I tell myself it is only April and it will all eventually get done, but where is Cory Geltz when you need him?


Anonymous said...

Corey Geltz is balding, fake tanned and working at Hardding Asphalt! :)

Anonymous said...

White teeth? Not so much anymore -
Tan? Fake N Bake -
Muscular Back? Try hairy back -
6 pack? Gone, except the one in his fridge -
Few hours of work? Yep, sounds about right!