Friday, May 05, 2006


I just got another batch of my cookbook printed if there is anyone who didn't get one and wanted one from the first run. You may remember, it is full of easy recipes from Cooking Light, Food & Wine, and Everyday Food for busy moms--I have tested them all and they really are easy, and yummy.

Someone said to their friend that shared, "All she did is cut out recipes and photocopy them." Ah, it may look like that, but I did much more than that. As I just mentioned, I have tested all of them. Plus, I provide you time-saving tips and side dish serving suggestions. There is a whole section in the back about batch cooking, including a complete grocery shopping list for each batch (1/2 a Saturday yields at least 6 tasty and healthy meals for your family). There is a reference section about what tools to stock your kitchen with, substitutions, freezer life of foods, and where to go for help or other ideas. Plus, she is right...I cut them out, glued them, and photocopied them. Way more work than it sounds like when you have three small kids, your own business, and are actually cooking the meals in the book.

Anyway, if you wanted one and didn't get one, let me know.

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