Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fellow Moms, I Need Some Advice

Two things at issue: 1) Night-time potty training and 2) Iron deficiency. As you know, I have three children, so there isn't much that we haven't dealt with before. But here are two new issues.

First, night-time potty training. Samuel wants to stop wearing pull-ups at night and of course, we are all for it. Yet, he rarely wakes up with a dry pull-up. Supporting his desire to try, we let him go without pull-ups for the past few nights. Like day-time potty training, I sometimes think they need to feel wet to make a full connection, so we were fully willing to try this.

It has only been two nights, but both nights haven't gone as I expected. Both nights, he peed but never woke up. My question is, do I keep going and let him try or do we go back to the pull-ups? To me, this is a sign he just isn't ready. Samuel was difficult to potty train and I think that a delayed night-time training is sort of predictable given his personality. I expected that once he peed in the middle of the night, he would come and wake me up for a change. Nope. He sleeps right through it. What to do?

Second, our pediatrician always orders blood work at the 18 month checkup. Oddly enough, #3 came back with an iron deficiency. I of course, am trying to figure how I caused this. Jeff took him to the appointment where she shared the results of the blood test. She gave him the impression that this was no big deal and would easily be corrected with drops. They said it is due to rapid growth and is apparently common in this age group (hence the routine test). Now, we are supposed to give him iron drops for three months twice a day. She told Jeff to hide the drops in a drink or food. I did once. Then, I read the information that the pharmacy attached.

They always paint a "worse-case" scenario with those prescription information sheets, but this is nuts and now I don't want to give it to him. For example, here is a sentence from the information, "Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under the age of 6." Has anyone every had a child with an iron deficiency? Did you give them the drops? Is there another way to increase iron that is safer? She is usually pretty open to my trying alternative approaches to solve problems.

Feedback, please!


Anne said...

We can chat tomorrow but Graham didn't night train until he was 4, well over a year after day training. Ella also potty trained well over a year ago and just started being dry all night long. Now she insists on sleeping in the buff! I have a little experience with iron drops too. Bed time for kids though...

Karen said...

My son didn't stay dry through the night (or naptime) until he was around 4 also. If he's really adament about not wearing a pull-up at night you might try setting your alarm half way through the night to wake him up and take him to the bathroom.

Thanks a TON for the stroller advice. That's exactly the kind of info I was hoping to get.

Tony said...

We'll I'm not a mom, but my son was also about 4 before he stayed dry threw the night. Make sure he potty's before bed, and nothing to drink for a couple of hours before bedtime. That really helped ours get threw the night. But be prepared to wash a few sheets in the morning for a little while longer

Sara said...

I know nothing about potty training, but my first daughter tested as iron deficient when she was nine months old. I was devastated, because she was breastfed, and I was vegetarian. I quit being vegetarian, which helped. But what really helped was discovering that she was gluten intolerant and so had a damaged gut which had trouble absorbing iron. So that's the information I can offer: you might check if your child could have any cause of gut damage such as allergy, intolerance, or leaky gut syndrome.