Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dad, Sit Back and Enjoy


As a parent, I understand there are many things in life that your children do that you hope one day, just one day they understand why you found it so irritating, disgusting, annoying, or disrespectful. Yes, I was quite the handful. And even though we are so close, and always have been, I know there is no one on earth under the age of 15 who could get under your skin like I could.

Well--here you go. NOW, now I get it. Between the three boys there is something that happens almost every day that not only reminds me of my own behavior as a child, but also causes me to chuckle, knowing what look would be on your face if you were standing right next to me...the look of, "see--see, what it is like to parent a child like you were?" So, here are a few examples of things I know will make you laugh as you watch me in my parenting journey.

1) Samuel and Phillip both once day ate Ketchup on their PB&J sandwiches. They asked, and of course because I was always humiliated about my deep love for ketchup, I said sure (thinking they would hate it and stop). The both said mmmmm....that's good and kept right on dipping. It was so gross. I get it now, the whole ketchup thing (but, I still love it, dammit).

2) Samuel rolled on the floor of a public restroom recently when he got frustrated he couldn't go potty all by himself (the legislators who implemented ADA requirements must have never had a toddler who likes to pee by himself--tall toilets are of no use). I know I used to roll everywhere while whining and begging you to buy me something, anything even a ridiculous Rolex watch (but you almost did it..didn't you!). You would get so mad seeing me roll on the floor whining in restaurants (Dodd's Townhouse for one), department stores, furniture stores, anywhere I wanted to throw a fit I would hit the deck. Now, I cannot even imagine and watching my children do it sends my reformed germ-a-phob self into a state unlike any other.

3) Samuel (again. Bless his heart, he looks just like daddy and acts just like mommy) has more stuff than any child I have ever seen and carries it with him everywhere he goes. I so fondly remember my carry-on bags full of every art supply and colorform I owned. Oh, it would infuriate you! Or my collections and piles of things. It was often just too much for you. Now, I have a child whose bed looks like a toy chest and he cannot leave the house without a small collection of toys to carry in the car and all over the store. God forbid he looses one in the store, we must search and search until we find it.

4) Samuel (see? Again!) and his outfits. Just like my mom did, I let my kids pick out their own outfits, interfering only in the MOST sever cases. Blue socks? Who really cares. But, Samuel is like no other. Lately, he fancies wearing his bike helmet everywhere along with his rain or snow boots and his plastic backpack stuffed (and I mean stuffed) full of his favorite items. These items include his bug from his bed (favorite animal since he was a baby), a dried up marker he found outside, rocks, a car, a smaller backpack from a toy, identifier tags from outside plants, a small blue bunny from Pottery Barn Kids, and so much more.

So, Dad...Enjoy. And, I mean really enjoy because I am. I love these everyday things that connect me to you even more. I love that I see so much of myself in my child and I love it that i have the insight to be sensitive to these idiosyncrasies that are Samuel. Of course, I am sure there are things that he does that I am not sensitive to and he will encourage and nurture those in his children (I hope) and think of me every time he does--just like I think of you!

With Love,



Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Great way to stay in touch with your life. Your kitchen looks great! XO Mary

LORI said...

You have produced the three smartest, cutest, most wonderful nephews I could ever have hoped for. Every story you tell and every visit to your house confirms that. All have such potential, I can hardly wait to see them grow into young men changing the world.

Thanks again for the Ameda bottles, it's been helpful to not have to wash the same two every single time I use the pump. Still trying to boost production, hope all this works! If not, I'll remember that it's like you said--even once a day is good for them.