Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 7: Phillip's Fall Photo Journal

Here are some of Phillip's shots on a fall afternoon. In about twenty minutes with the camera (yes...our Nikon D70) Phillip took over fifty pictures. I will spare you the details and just share some highlights.

This is me in the tree, preparing to jump into the leaf pile. The boys do this and it just looked like so much fun. Of course, I got stuck in the tree and had a big bruise and scrap on my thigh.

Here is a shot of Andy walking through the leaf pile waiting for Samuel to climb and jump.

Samuel heading up the tree ladder.

Andrew enjoying someone's bottle of water (of unknown age, but at least days old).

This is a fascinating shot. Only to be out done by the next.

Finally, a view of the beautiful blue sky...a sky like this is part of what makes fall in Indiana so spectacular.

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Jeff said...

That boy has quite an eye, Wow mom hangin out in the tree thats pretty cool.