Friday, July 13, 2007

He Noticed My Breath

I leaned over to talk to Phillip while kissing him goodnight, all snug in his bed and he raised the sheets over his head with an "Ewww, your breath stinks." Why do I love that?

Sure, even when they are toddlers, they sometimes giggle that you have smelly breath and babies? They will let you breathe in their face all day and never even notice (since they cannot really smell). But, tonight, the way he said was just like the way I would say it to Jeff or my mom.

Little boy no more? Am I in a hurry for him to grow up? Not grow up up, but let's just say I am even more amazed at this person he is becoming than I was at the tiny baby he once was. I love him being real and I love it that we can relate to each other. It just feels good to have your bad breath noticed sometimes.

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