Monday, August 06, 2007

What I Have Found So Far...

(In reference to an earlier entry)

We checked everywhere--even under the house. Finally, we decided the smell had to be in the fridge. On Saturday, while our kids were still away (they spent two nights at Granny's, she took all the Grandkids to King's Island), we emptied the entire refrigerator...I mean the entire fridge. We took out every shelf, piece of glass, drawer, everything. We sprayed the whole thing down with cleaner (this Lysol food-safe surface cleaner) and went through every single item individually. Oh, it brought back memories--hello food items that expired in 2006! If it looked borderline or was expired, we tossed. Start fresh was the attitude. We found the smell. My neighbor had given me a bag full of beautiful, dark green broccoli from his garden. For some reason, the smell was horrible, despite the fact it appeared totally fresh. Tossed (but oh, how I love broccoli).

As a side note, when I went to the store yesterday with the boys to replenish (as we cleaned the freezer and pantry too), I bought a big head of broccoli. We buy almost everything we can organic, free trade or locally grown. Part of the trade off for that is sometimes not freakishly large veggies like in regular supermarkets, or deep deep rich colors but just normal produce like you might get in the garden (odd shapes, smaller in size, etc.). And, most of the time, these are smaller farmers who lack massive transportation systems to get the produce to us, so it usually doesn't last as long as that from a big store (or big farm). Clearly, this is changing as some of the largest food producers in the U.S. now see the commercial potential in organic (ah, capitalism a work). At any rate, this is turning in to a very long story. I am cutting up my broccoli last night so I can steam a batch for the week and I notice it has bugs. Hundreds of bugs. Tiny spider bugs deep in the florets. Ewww. Had to toss that broccoli too. For some reason, I don't think I was meant to eat broccoli this week.

Update on the school. We have two hot contenders, both totally different. We are going to visit our number one tomorrow with Phillip, to meet the first grade teacher (there are two, so it isn't necessarily the one he would have) and let him see the school. We showed him on the Internet and he wasn't that excited, but I think it is more about grieving for his old school. We talked about that, I told him I understand (which I do, I certainly changed schools a few times) and we went over who from his tight group of Kindergartners was going back--just one boy. He saw his good friend Graham and Graham confirmed he is going to a different school too. He seems to be warming up to the idea. Our back-up plan starts August 14, though, so time is not on our side. And, for our first choice, there is still much work to be done (testing, letters of reference, applications, etc.).

I finally got paid from the one client whose check was always mysteriously in the mail. They still owe me final payment for a second project, but it isn't quite as much money, so not such a big deal--however, they still have to pay it!

The yard isn't looking so hot. We had the chemical discussion again. Jeff is convinced the chemicals are safe. I just don't buy it for some reason and am still resistant to it when the kids are little. Can't he just have a perfect lawn when the kids no longer care about it. Besides, they drive trucks, bikes, scooters, wheel barrows and other equipment through it, so it isn't like it is perfect now. I gave up Orkin inside too because of the chemicals. They say those are safe, but I still am not certain on those either. Any opinions about this?

Oh, ice cream. I love you so. But really, I am going to try to lose some weight. I feel enormous and I need to take control and stop complaining. Ice cream really isn't bad if I measure it out properly. I can still have it, I just have to save my calories all day knowing I want it. That seems like a lot of work, doesn't it? is a lot of work!

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