Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Really Got it Right

**Warning: Comments do not match up with pictures and I give up. Blogger has a mind of its own tonight with pictures. It's late and I am tired of messing with it. You can get the idea***

This year, I really got a few gifts right. Jeff with the ipod. His old one died, a sad and unusual misfortune (hint: never buy an ipod anywhere but at an Apple store). And the Mountain Bike magazine subscription.

Andrew with his skateboard that he asked Santa for...

...or maybe not. How about Andrew with his crane.

Or Phillip's gift to Andrew--a copy of Monster's Inc. to replace the one he lost after he watched it 947 times and the hug that followed.

And Sam with the rolls and rolls of tape. I know it sounds like an odd gift, but I saw it at my favorite toy store and couldn't resist. It had him written all over it. He was so excited when he opened it and he looked at me as if we both knew just what he would do with it. About 12 tiny cartridges of tape with different patterns (spider web, aliens, skull and crossbones, caution, all different colors and more). I did know what he would do with it, even when I bought it I knew.
But, it's rolls of tape...its existence is finite. Here is what I found when I wondered upstairs tonight.
...on the linen closet

...the boys' bathroom door

...Phillip's bedroom door and on Phillip's wall

...around Phillip's desk chair
...on Sam's door (doesn't seem like enough caution warning for his room)

...on Sam's headboard

...on Sam's wall (that sort of looks like the beginning of some pretty offensive graffiti, doesn't it?)

...on Sam's other wall

...and on Sam's other wall

Exactly what I thought it would look like with the tape in hand...only not as bad as I had pictured. What is not photographed is the large, bigger than a softball, ball of tape that I found in his trash can. I love that guy.


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