Friday, March 14, 2008

My Hero

Yes, it is a new entry. No smart comments please and I am not going to make any false promises I cannot keep. Sort of like the time I quit smoking when I was in my early 20s. I kept a package of cigarettes in my freezer for probably five year--just in case. I never swore it off, I never said I was quitting because I feared I couldn't keep the promise. I think now I can admit I quit, with pride.

Anyway...back to life today.

Now, he isn't only a hero at work...he is also a Guitar Hero...

Two weekends ago, he stood in line for us for over an hour (despite the fact he swore he never would) so we could finally get a Wii. We love it, it is so much fun. I made a New Year's resolution to boycott China and we have been trying hard not to buy anything from China (we have done amazingly well--even found Nike shoes not made in China!). But, the Wii was a huge exception.

So everyone in the family has a favorite Wii game. Samuel and Phillip played Lego Star Wars for over an hour together the other day--laughing and really having fun together (rare these days as they are sort of in two totally different places in their lives right now, Sam more buddies around with Andrew). I love tennis and Avatar with Phillip. Samuel loves bowling.

For Jeff, it's Guitar Hero III. The other night after the kids had gone to bed, I was watching tv in the other room and he was working on Slow Ride. He took a break and popped his head in where I was watching tv, he was sweating! So funny, but glad he found something he enjoys, it is always nice to find a diversion for everyday life that you enjoy.

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Jeff is so cool