Sunday, March 16, 2008

11 Years and Still Love'em

Yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary. And, this year our anniversary was even on a Saturday--just like when we got married. I still love that guy. I of course had no idea where life would take us and it has taken us much further than I could have ever imagined. I love the surprises around each corner, never really being able to even dream of where we are headed. I love the kids we made and the memories we share. He still, most importantly, can make me laugh when I need it most. He reminds me how silly my anxieties really are and reassures me when I lack confidence.

I used to love go watch his hockey games. He looked so cute in his uniform, all sweaty and strong. He still plays even after all these years. He complains about the young guys playing too rough and I remember when he complained about the old guys being babies. Times have changed, but he still looks so cute playing hockey.

And, we made a mini-him who is a great hockey player too. Today was Samuel's last day of the season and we are so proud of him. The second his skates hit the ice, he goes and goes and goes and never stops until its over. He never gives up, he always wants more. He is a natural athlete (see more pictures in the web album).

That is something I have never been--an athlete. I try to explain that in tennis, although it always sounds like I am making excuses. I have never played (for more than a few minutes or beyond a family game in the yard) ball sports. I always wanted to be good at sports--agile and brave, strong and conditioned. It's not me and fortunately my parents never made me feel bad for it.

As different as they all are, we will help each of our kids find something they care enough about to try and try again until they get it right. We will help them all find something that inspires and engages, something that makes them strong in mind, body and spirit. They will be athletes of one kind or another and we will celebrate every step along the way.


Anonymous said...

happy happy anniversary. i wish you were on facebook!!! xoxoxox mary

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you back, thought you might have given it up.