Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Secrets

There are a few secrets (or even hints of secrets) that when I divulge, people gasp. "No way, never"...they say..."you never did that, you were never like that, you never thought that." But, they are true. I did do those things, had those thoughts and acted that way, I did. Not that I am some goody-two-shoes, but people that I have met later in my adult life cannot imagine what I was like in my early twenties. They don't believe the stories--but I promise they are true and one day, I hope you read about them in a book.

My big secrets today are too secret to really discuss in this blog. People I work with, people I live with read this thing. Family members, friends and friends of friends. I am not divulging the really deep ones here, the ones I would write on a postcard and mail to PostSecret. But what about some not so dangerous ones. Ones that are embarrassing or ridiculous or make me even stranger than you thought I was. Let's do this a little bit at a time.

Secret number one. I am a total TV junkie. I plan my evening around television shows; I have had a television in my room since I was five and need it on to be able to fall asleep (or I have to take something as the anxiety alone of no TV is enough to keep me up). I love reality television. I watch every show I can--you name it, I try to see it. Here is a list of some I won't pass up when flipping through the channels.

The O.C.
Run's House
Kimora Simmons-Life in the Fabulous Lane
Family Jewels
Amazing Race
Project Runway
Top Chef
Kathy Griffin Life on the D List
Hell's Kitchen
Wife Swap
Nanny 911
Kitchen Nightmares (I think that is what it is called)
Real Housewives of Orange County
House Hunters
Trading Spouses
Dr. 90210
The Girls Next Door
The Bachelor
Beauty & the Geek
Big Brother
The Apprentice

I watch them all for different reasons and with varying levels of interest, but I love reality television. People are so freaking weird and this lets you see that up close and personal. Even if they are acting, how weird is that...that someone would go on a reality show and act?!?! The whole thing is a study in the bizarre behavior of humans and I love it. More secrets next time.


Anonymous said...

You forgot The Hills!

Anonymous said...

Ah ha! You are a voyeur! I think you may need some professional help. I bet the invention of the digital video recorder has changed your life - allowing you to actually go out at night comforted by the fact that your show is being recorded. I'll try to never call you during prime time!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! We all have more skeletons in the closet then we'd like to admit. Had some very embrassing moments as a teenager and young adult