Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Game Show Time!

Let’s play a game. I will ask the question and then you answer. Your choices are either:

A) The Utility Sink: a single-well stainless-steal sink conveniently located just inside the garage door and in between the washer and dryer. This sink is also located near the vast majority of cleaning supplies we keep in the house, including abrasive scrubs, carpet and upholstery cleaners, bleach, dish soap and natural household cleaners.


B) The Kitchen Sink: a double-well extra deep stainless-steal sink located in the room where we prepare all the food for the entire family—at least twice a day, sometimes more. The sink is deeply cleaned each Monday by our faithful Michele, who disinfects, polishes and shines it back to its original beauty. It is the source of all food rinsing, chopping, draining and more—food, that is that is consumed by my family (made up of humans).

Ready? Here we go!

Question 1: The place where you would clean out paint brushes…is it A or B? Hurry, the clock is ticking!

Did you say A? Oh, sorry. I know that seems right, but not if you are my husband. The answer is B.

Question 2: The place where you would clean out a Camelback (a backpack with water storage capacity) that has been full of stale, nasty water for three months.

Your answer? Okay, I could go either way on this one. I think both A and B are right. Stale water is gross and stinky, but really not too detrimental to our food safety after a gentle clean up.

Final question—double or nothing, ready?

Question 3: The place where you clean the container the cat eats its food out of that hasn’t been cleaned for probably over a year. Yes, I said the cat food container. You know, the cat. The furry one that licks its butt and hairballs all over the place.

…Still thinking? Come on, you can get this one!

What do you think the answer is—my husband’s answer is, not mine…any guesses?


Anonymous said...


Sometimes "us" guys don't always think with our head, but no matter what he does...remember...you still have him.


Whiteman Family said...

hilarious...funny i had just left you a message about or flood and i was so excited to bestow my newly found knowledge of sinks on you when i scrolled down...but b.b.b. faithfully

Jeff P said...

Well when Kris is not home who knows what and where I wash things. Dirt and Germs build healthy bodies. Ha Ha--Jeff the non discriminating sink user.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to hear what he does with the bathtubs.