Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me from 8:17 to 8:23 on 10/15

Watch the hall to the bathroom for a few minutes....anyone coming? anyone going? Wait until someone who goes comes out, then wait a few more minutes, then go. Oh wait, someone else is going. Start over. Watch, wait, watch. Go.

Hallway is long and winding. Who is hiding back here? Does it really matter, men's or women's? Open women's door. It's too big, weird big. Close door, push the lock button. Is that locked? The lock didn't make the click noise. I don't think that is pushed in all the way. Unlock, crack door open. Shut door. Lock again. Really, that doesn't seem like it's locked. The toilet is far away. If someone starts to open the door, I cannot reach it to slam it shut.

Open door again. Push button while door is open to test to see if that is actually the button pushed for the door to lock. It's locked. Close door. But, now is it locked or unlocked? Push down on handle. It was locked. Pull door open a bit to test to see if it is locked or unlocked. It was unlocked. Shut the door. Lock the door.

Head to the toilet via the weird empty space in the room. What was supposed to go here? A couch or something? Why do they always have furniture in women's restrooms? It's always so dirty and gross. What do people do on it? It's just too big. Finally at the toilet. Go pee. Think I hear someone messing with the door. Stare at the door like a deer in headlights. Wait for something to happen, but nothing does. The door is definitely locked. I think.

Zip my pants, walk to the sink. What is in the bottom of the sink? Clearly some thing to keep stuff from going down the drain, but it's weird, not the normal kind. Two pumps of soap. It keeps coming out, creating a long string from my hand to the soap dispenser eventually breaking on to the sink. Wash, wash, rub, rub, scrub, scrub. Thingys from my shirt dangle over the sink. I knew they woudl do that. I should have tied them this morning. I tried, looked dumb. Opted from untied but told myself to tuck in when washed hands. Clearly forgot.

One, two paper towels to dry. One more. Lingering dampness near top of wrists--so annoying. Look in the mirror, use the paper towel to de-shine my face. It's humid out and I feel shiny. What little make up I had on now appears to be on the paper towel. Try to tie things on shirt. No. All wrong. Try to just loop things on shirt. Worse. Too cluttered up there with those, my necklaces, etc. Go back to original plan--just hanging there.

Check my zipper. Check my teeth. Check my hair. Look for the door. Check my butt in the mirror as I walk toward the door out of habit to cover those days when in a skirt or dress (with ever year I age so does the number of times I apparently tuck my skirt or dress into my underwear and not realize it until I see in the mirror on my way out of the bathroom). Open the door and the lock makes a click sound. Huh. Walk down the long hall, check zipper again. Fix shirt, double check zipper. Adjust shirt. Hands in pocket. Walk back to table.

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