Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day 11: Unpop Culture

I read all kinds of lists on blogs, but most of them I am not qualified to create for myself. For example, I saw a recent post of "pop culture" on She answered questions like favorite movie quote, favorite song from the 80s and favorite song intro. Okay, I cannot even name a song with an intro...see how non-pop culture I am?

You should see how many quotes she has listed from movies! I cannot even name five movies in theaters right now. The last movie I saw in a theater? I don't even remember. The last movie I watched on On-Demand? Probably The 40-Year Old Virgin. I don't really like movies as I don't seem to have the attention span for them. And, quite frankly there are so few that at the end, I feel like they were worth the investment of even half of my time. Walk the Line, okay, Walk the Line was awesome!

Favorite 80s song? Well, music really isn't my thing. I have plenty of timeless groups/artists that I love (U2, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, anything Motown or Philly-sound, and miscellaneous other artists that provide occasional listening pleasure. But, for the most part, I listed almost exclusively to NPR or Radio Disney when my kids are in the car. So, that means I am singing along to Arron Carter, Hannah Montana, Ashley Simpson, and Jesse McCartney. My favorite Radio Disney repeat these days is that song, "Unwritten." An ipod is simply an unnecessary investment for me.

Besides, in the the 80s, I was listening to anything but 80s music. Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Bob Dylan, the Dead. I think the bottom line is I have never been in touch with pop culture and long ago gave up hope of every being in touch with it. I love to read People Magazine, but I know who less than 25% of those people are or what they are famous for. On top of it, I am not a black and white person--"Favorite" as in just pick one? Nope, that doesn't work for me. Never have been much of a "choose one" kind of girl.

I think I have come to accept the fact that I live in my own little word for culture and it ain't anywhere near pop. but, that is okay. I am sure I have lots of other great things to offer the world beyond the name of my favorite 80s hair band.


Jeff said...

If you ever need help identifying music i'll hook ya up. Hell i'll even sing for you!

Amanda Sue said...

amen about the movies. who decided that movies should be 2 hours? what about 11 minutes? that sounds like a reasonable investment to me, and it would be a lot cheaper to go to an 11 minute movie. right?

Amanda Sue said...
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