Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 13: Oh, That Sound!

I can hear it from a mile away. Click, Eeewww. Someone clipping their fingernails. Am I the only one in the world whose mother taught me that this and all other personal grooming should happen in the bathroom? The worst culprit seems to be older men. They pull their clippers out standing in line, at the Y, in restaurants, wherever.

I was recently in a meeting with an older man in a restaurant-a business meeting-and out they came. He clipped, trimmed and clipped some more, paying close attention to a stubborn hangnail. Just make a mental note to get it when you get home-in your bathroom! Same thing at the conference I just went to in Nashville. Smack dab in the middle of a workshop, out came the clippers!

Fingernails are gross. And, they are rather personal. Seriously, they hold DNA. Why would you want to spread that around?!?! Mothers of boys, let's all make a pact to teach our boys that trimming your nails is a personal hygiene habit, that while necessary and important, is best done in the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

I remember being on an airplane and I think it was the girl two seats down from me propped her foot up on the seat and clipped her toenails! Unbelievable.

Crystal S. said...

I hate that too!! I can hear my boss in his office clipping his nails from time to time and it drives me batty!!

Lori the SIL said...

I am ASTOUNDED that someone did that in a RESTAURANT!!! How unsanitary is that; I mean, his clippings could have gone in your food or someone else's across the room, even! GAG!!! And here I thought I'd seen the worst case of that back in Springfield when a woman whipped hers out and started clipping away in the middle of one of Keith's sermons.