Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Am Trying To Find...

The source of that smell in my kitchen. Is it in the fridge? Is it the trash can? I cannot figure it out, but it is nasty. I threw out the melon, I tossed the chicken. The smell is still there.

A school for our first grader. A last minute decision by the administration at his current small school where we love, love the teachers and other families has led us to pulling him out for the fall. School starts (for most places) in less than two weeks! I am trying to breath deep and have faith that it will all work out and that the right solution will reveal itself to us. Going to look at two yet this week (both still have openings).

Cash. It is the darnedest thing. When I send invoices, I sort of expect to get paid. What is with people dragging their feet with payments? Seems like some months, all the money is in by the 5th and other months (like this one), people think paying is optional! I am running a business here, people.

A solution for the yard that doesn't involve toxic chemicals on the grass but also doesn't allow weeds to grow. I am losing the wager on organic lawn care. He is going to make us go back to chemicals next year if the grass doesn't quit growing those weeds.

A evening snack that satisfies my need for chocolate and dairy products but doesn't involve a bowl full of ice cream and like 700 calories. (or we could just make pants with elastic waists cool again).


Anonymous said...

You might check your garbage disposal, sometimes they can stink pretty bad

Anonymous said...

I love all these random scenarios that ALL of us can relate to!! By the way, I think leggings are coming back in style. Of course, if your legs are bigger around than a toothpick they don't really work.